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Invoice management with Payment.Ninja

Indeed, sending an invoice and get paid on time is one of the most routine and arguably the most important activities many of the small and medium business owners face every day. And while it’s definitely a simple everyday operation, there are still some tricky and time-consuming parts to it.

First, you need to produce an invoice. Then you have to send it by email or in some cases even by post. After that, you need to make sure your customer received and opened your invoice and has a clear understanding when and how it should be paid. Then you need to track the unpaid invoices and their due dates and constantly nudge slow or unwilling customers by email or by phone. Looks like a daunting and time-consuming task already. Now, multiply all this workflow by the number of invoices you send every day. What if it’s a dozen? What if it’s a hundred? You are very well looking into the full-time duty here and for a small business owner it’s not a great perspective.

No wonder every business owner has some kind of software patchwork in place which helps to wrestle all those invoices. But this is the best indication that something is not right. The more we talk with business owners, the more it becomes clear – there still no affordable and easy to use one-fits-all solution for the SME invoicing needs.

So here we are, rolling it out today, build from the ground up based on all the feedback and requests from the people running all kinds of businesses every day. It’s simple, efficient, user-friendly and actually helps you to sell more, get paid faster and save money on payment fees at the same time.

Let’s see how it works.


Invoicing Dashboard

This is your invoicing ‘home’ inside the main Payment.Ninja Dashboard. Here you can observe all of your invoicing activity: new invoices sent to customers, those with an upcoming due date, successfully paid or those fallen past due. All clearly presented as colorful cards with their status badges, which help you to understand the big picture in just a second. Once you click on any of the invoice cards, it opens the detailed view of the invoice.

Payment.Ninja Invoice Dashboard

Reviewing Invoices

Once you open a particular invoice card, a new screen comes up with all the available information about the selected invoice. It has a nicely visible amount, due date and the payment status on the top left, as well as a customer’s information on the top right. You can pick up the phone and call her right away or send an email message with a click of a button. No more looking for the contact details in your Rolodex!

Right below, you have an itemized list with all the pricing details, totals, tax amount and the applied discounts. Handy, if you need to discuss the invoice with the customer or make sure the pricing is consistent with your previous transactions with the same customer.


How to send invoice with Payment.Ninja



How to send an invoice

With Payment.Ninja Dashboard, you get used to having those action buttons for all important business operations prominently displayed on the top right of the screen. Same with invoices, there’s a nice blue button named as ‘Send Invoice’. Click it and immediately a screen pops-up with a very simple and straight-forward form to create and an invoice.

First order of business is to look up a customer from your customer database within Payment.Ninja. No need to remember emails or even exact names. Simply start typing whatever you remember and we will show you everything that matches. Select the right one and you are good to go.

Next, select a Due Date. That’s a pretty simple part. Just make sure you are selecting a reasonable date in the future, otherwise, your invoice will become marked with red immediately. We don’t want extra stress as business owners, right?

Now the fun part, which is to input all the items you are going to include into your invoice. Type-in the item’s name or a short description, then add the price and quality. The form calculates any totals automatically.

What is left is just check the applied tax rate and adjust it if needed and hit Send Invoice. Then off it goes, directly into the customer’s email inbox!


Sending an invoice with Payment.Ninja


Getting paid really fast

Now, let’s take a look from the standpoint of your customer, whom you have sent an invoice. Once you hit that ‘Send Invoice’ button, she received an email containing the invoice details and more importantly, a nice big ‘Pay Now’ button with the credit card logos immediately below it. This way you are giving your customer a choce of easy payment options, including credit cards while expediting your own cash flow. Here how it looks like:


Invoice in email


After clicking the ‘Pay Now’ button, your customer has an opportunity to review your invoice in full detail and to double-check if it’s genuine. If in doubt about anything, she can call or email you right away using your contact details prominently displayed in the top.


If it’s all right and the customer is ready to pay your invoice immediately, all that’s left is to hit the big blue ‘Pay Now’ button on the invoice and enter card details…

Pay invoice with Payment.Ninja


And that’s the whole story. Once the card payment is approved, you will get funds on your bank account the next business day, unless it’s after 9pm.

Save money on payment fees

And the best part? Sending invoices is free. Getting paid on the invoice with Payment.Ninja will cost you up to 50% less than with any other payment process, such as PayPal, Stripe, Square or Authorize.Net. With the typical rate of about 1.79% + 19 cents, Payment.Ninja brings a lot of savings for any business owner with no contract or hidden fees whatsoever.

What’s next for the invoicing?

And we are not stopping here. Paying a large invoice in installments? It’s coming up. Chasing and reminding a slow customer to pay? That’s in the works too. More payment options, instant credit and factoring and so much more. Stay tuned!

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