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Payment processing for less? Now In-Store.

It’s never been so important for a business with physical locations to be cost-effective. Falling foot-fall in the malls across the US and Europe and increasing commercial rents in the few places that still have it going. Consumers counting every penny after the credit-crunch scare. Young ‘millennials’ who don’t buy things in favor of experiences. Raising labor costs and increasing payment processing fees, as cash gives in to credit card payments everywhere. And then, there’s a looming Amazon threat. Always Amazon.

Payment.Ninja mPOSSmall business? Go omnichannel!

If you still brave enough to run a brick&mortar store, there are a few things you can do to survive and strive in the current challenging environment. Focus on your niche, provide great personal service, become an omnichannel retailer and build a cost-effective operation. With the latter two, we can definitely help. Today Payment.Ninja is launching the In-Store payment processing and begins to offer a variety of point-of-sale terminals to both new and existing businesses in the US. It means, that businesses trading at physical locations can finally enjoy the same ultra-low processing rates, as hundreds of online merchants who use Payment.Ninja merchant account. It also opens up a possibility for any small business to trade online and in-store simultaneously, building an innovative omnichannel strategy, previously available only to larger retailers. What about the financial impact on the small businesses?

Save money on every payment

Let’s say you are a retailer selling apparel on the main street. Your average margin on the merchandise is probably 15% and an average check is $100. So, if you’re using a traditional payment processor and paying a standard 2.9% plus 30 cents, you are losing more than 20% of your profits to payment fees! Every sale, every transaction, every day. When you look at your monthly financials, it all adds up to an eye-watering amount of money in which could end up in your pocket. On the other hand, if you switch to Payment.Ninja, your payment fees will drop immediately to about 30-50% of what they were. At the typical the typical rate of 1.79% plus 19 cents for all major credit card brands, you can count on increased profits for your business and stop worrying about the next customer flashing a fancy Amex card. And there’s no surcharge for manually entering the card number when selling over the phone too.

A range of payment terminals

What about available terminals? Thanks to Payment.Ninja’s partnership with FirstData, you can have a wide range of POS terminals delivered to your door, without the upfront payment. You can start with a simple mobile reader for your smartphone or iPad for just $29, try full-featured handheld devices perfect for a restaurant or go straight to a sophisticated counter-top card machines with a secure PIN-pad and full support for Apple Pay.

Helping you build an efficient retail operation

Whatever hardware you choose, you’ve got an access to all your business data at Payment.Ninja Dashboard, including all types of payments, invoicing, customer data and settlements. And by the way, the next day funding to your bank account comes standard and free.


Payment.Ninja team is very excited to expand into the In-Store world so fast as we did and back thousands of small businesses operating in the tough market conditions, delivering value to their customers. Our mission is to help SMEs to equalize a playing field and provide them with an access to the level of technology and efficiency previously available only to large corporations.

Have ideas on what else can we do the help small businesses? Please comment!

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