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2-3 times cheaper than anywhere else

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European Union & EEA

1.79% plus 19¢*

* You just pay Visa/MasterCard Interchange fee with no mark-up, plus 19¢. Actual rate may be slightly higher or lower depending on your business.

0.99% plus 19¢

* Flat fee. No Additional Interchange Fees

US Issued Visa and MasterCard Debit and Credit Cards

Next Day Funding

EU Issued Visa and MasterCard Debit and Credit Cards

5-Day Funding

Questions & Answers

Is this price is just an intro offer?

No, that's for the long run, except that we are going to make our fees even lower over time. And as soon as we do it, we are going to pass these savings to all our existing merchants.

How can you offer such a low rates?

Payment.Ninja is an innovative payment platform, which utilizes the latest technology to bring down the costs. We partner with the prominent banks and financial institutions, who support our mission to make online payments affordable to everyone. And finally, we run a tight ship here and don't spend money on 'startup lifestyle'.

Are there any monthly or minimum fees?

No, you just pay for what you really use. There's no Setup Fee either. No PCI Compliance Fee. Nothing like that at all. We offer completely transparent, usage-based pricing plans.

Ok, so what's the catch here?

There's none. We are not trying to squeeze every penny from our merchants like many other payment gateways. Our mission is to help you save money, sell more and boost your profits, and by doing that we are making money for ourselves too. Honest.

Who handles my money? Is it safe?

Depending on your location, your money is being handled by a bank-acquirer or a fully-licensed financial institution, who is a member of Visa and MasterCard. You can check the name and the address of the bank in your Merchant Agreement. Payment.Ninja doesn't have access to your money at any time.

How quickly I get paid?

Generally, your funds are being transferred to your designated bank account on a 5-day rolling basis. Talk to us if you need a different arrangement.

Why the rates in EU are lower than in the US?

The difference is due to the different pricing policies of Visa and MasterCard in the US. We are working on getting those lower all the time. Stay tuned!

What is Payment.Ninja anyway?

Payment.Ninja is an innovative payments company from San Francisco, California, which has been nominated as a Most Disruptive Payments Company by PYMNTS, an industry magazine. Our mission is to eliminate payment fees, to help you, a small business, to sell more and as a result, to make more profits.