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Free merchant account and pricing plans

Introducing a free merchant account

Payment.Ninja continues to evolve its platform rapidly, responding to the needs of the growing customer base. It turned out to be much more diverse than we initially expected, expanding across more industries and business models, sometimes catching our initial offering by surprise. As it usually happens, life proves to be much more complex and colorful than theory and it’s great. But we have the ultimate answer – a totally free merchant account and the range of our new pricing plans. Read on!

Being Ninjas, we supposed to be quick on our feet and nimble as we move. So today we introduce our completely revamped offering with the four distinct pricing plans, ranging from Free to Business. The idea is to find a balance between the transparent and predictable costs as well as the level of features and sophistication every business requires on the particular stage of its growth. From this point, any new business signing up with Payment.Ninja platform can choose one of the new plans, packed with innovations and offering the ever decreasing levels of payment fees. We’ll discuss them in more detail later on. 

Which one to choose?

If your business is already well established and you know exactly what you need, just go ahead and pick a plan based on your sales volume and the features you require. Pretty straightforward.

But if you just starting up, the best approach will be to just grab a free merchant account and upgrade as you grow. You rarely know what exactly you need upfront and it’s great to be quick and flexible, just like a real Ninja!

Now, let’s examine our new plans in more detail.

Free Merchant Account

Free merchant account

If you want to try our platform without spending a penny, this plan is an obvious choice to start with. It’s even not really plan, right? More importantly, it’s probably the first free merchant account on the US market which is completely free. You only pay for transactions that your make and still saving a lot of money with just 0.25% and 12 cents on top of an interchange. Traditionally, only pretty large businesses were getting this kind of deal and only packaged with lots of hidden fees to boot. With Payment.Ninja, this is the entry-level proposition, truly unique on the merchant payments market.

What are you getting? Well, everything you need to run a small independent business of any kind:

Omni-channel payments


Payment.Ninja Payment Widget Invoice

Accept all major card brands online, in-store, on mobile or take orders over the phone and use Virtual Terminal to take payments. Same ultra-low rates, no surcharges of any kind, free next day funding and great support just a click away, all of that come standard – for free. Who can possibly beat this proposition?

Business Dashboard


Payment.Ninja Business DashboardSee all the important data about your business performance in your Dashboard. Selling online and in-store at the same time, got a team of salespeople in the field or a whole chain of retail locations? No problem. You’ve got a total grip on what’s going on in real-time.

Payment Widget


Mobile Payments

Our versatile Payment Widget is your primary weapon in pursuit of more sales online or over the phone. Put it on your website with just a few lines of code, send the payment links in your emails or connect it with your favorite form builder which you use to take orders. Clean design, ever-evolving usability, and no PCI-related headache go a long way to help your business increase sales and conversation rates.

Free plugins for e-commerce platforms


Payment.Ninja WordPress plugin

If you one of the millions of business owners using WordPress, WooCommerce or other e-commerce platforms, you are in luck. Grub a free Payment.Ninja plugin from the and you will be saving money on payments in no time. Use some another e-commerce platform? New plugins are being developed every day, both in-house and by the independent developers.

Virtual Terminal


A Virtual Terminal is an essential tool for many businesses. It’s handy to make a quick over-the-phone sale, take a booking deposit or when chasing overdue bills. It’s available with many merchant payment providers like Square, but usually, with a little caveat – there’s a surcharge of 1% or more for all manually entered transactions. Which basically kills all the fun.

Not with Payment.Ninja! Use your Virtual Terminal as much as you like, at no extra cost. That’s why it became one of the most important business tools among those coming standard with Payment.Ninja. Many business owners also connect a very affordable USB card reader to their laptop, which sends card data into Virtual Terminal, creating basically a free POS system with a free merchant account!

Mobile card reader for a low one-time fee


If you want a quick way to accept cards on the go with your iPhone or Android smartphone, download our app and order yourself a mobile card reader for just $25 one-time fee. The reader also comes free on our higher plans, so you may want to consider them as well.

Payment.Ninja mPOS

POS Terminals


If you are serious about your in-store sales or just want a sleek out-of-the-box solution for your retail operation, a range of POS terminals is available to buy or lease. Talk to us to get a free advice and we will recommend the best solution for your type of business.

That’s pretty good for a Free plan, isn’t it? So why would you need a paid plan? Let’s see what’s on offer in the next part.

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