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Free card reader, lower fees and more: Payment.Ninja Core plan

In the previous part we discussed Payment.Ninja’s new pricing plans, why they are awesome and what you get with the first ever Free Merchant Account. Now, let talk about the Core plan, which costs just $29 per month and packs quite a punch too.

Extra-low fees

First of all, you are getting an instantaneous drop in payment fees to as low as 0.15% and 10 cents over interchange. That’s a great reason to upgrade by itself, but let’s see what else can you get?

Free card reader

This one is easy. You have to pay $25 to get it on the Free plan, but on the Core plan, it comes free of charge. Neat.

Card Vault

Payment.Ninja Dashboard comes with a simple CRM as a standard, which allows you to have a clear view of your business relationship with each of your customers. When you upgrade to the Core plan, you can attach the encrypted card details to your customer profile, which can be used for one-click payments during any future interactions with the customer. You can save any number of cards and they are available throughout all Payment.Ninja’s features, including Payment Widget, Virtual Terminal, Invoicing and more.


We are often being asked if we are the same company as Ninja Invoices. No, we are not related, but it really highlights one of the everyday realities for millions of small and medium businesses across the US, who use a patchwork of free and paid software solutions to run sales operations.

Unlike many other payment platforms, Payment.Ninja gives you simple integrated business solutions out-of-the-box, which get things done for you. Our Invoicing is a great example of this approach.

Create and send invoices for free in just a few clicks. Get paid faster. Have a complete transparency on where you stand with your current invoices. Are there overdue items? Everything is instantly clear in the Dashboard and the system can even chase your customers with reminders to pay their up and coming invoices. No more patchwork automation or any additional costs!

Webhook Data Connectors

But if you do need to send your sales data to some other software, you can do it with our Webhook Data Connectors. It’s a simple, quick and secure way to send real-time information to the most of cloud-based business software providers on the market and you don’t need to know how to code to do it. Basically, it’s just copying and pasting a web address from your Payment.Ninja Dashboard to whatever software you need to connect. After this is done, all your transactions will be transmitted automatically as they happen.

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