First ever GraphQL API for payment apps.

Build apps in days, not weeks. Avoid errors and typos. Explore your live data. Speed up your mobile apps. All of these and much more is now possible with our cutting-edge GraphQL API.

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What is GraphQL

GraphQL is an open standard data query language developed at Facebook and rapidly becoming an industry standard for API development. It's incredibly simple and efficient.

Let's request all our payments with customer emails and card information:

payments {
customer {
card {

Here is the data we get with this query (showing a single record here):

"payments": [{
"id": "5c116dced8c10900155a4a1c",
"amount": "1.20",
"status": "approved",
"customer": {
"id": "5c116dced8c10900155a4a19",
"email": "[email protected]"
"card": {
"id": "5c116dced8c10900155a4a1b",
"brand": "visa",
"last4": "1111"

Why GraphQL is the future

Universal data access layer

GraphQL is a kind of universal data layer inside your app. Access multiple databases, query outside APIs or run your microservices infrastructure completely seamlessly and efficiently.

A single endpoint for everything

Tired of dozens REST endpoints you had to use before? GraphQL gives you just one endpoint for all your data queries. You can even query other APIs and have all your data combined in one place.

Speed up mobile apps

Because you request only specific data with GraphQL and eliminate redundant data transfer, the apps become blazingly fast even on slowest mobile connections.

Rapid app development

Shave weeks off your development time and reduce your code base up to 30% comparing with Redux. Validate your data types as you code and avoid hidden mistakes.

Open source and multi-platform

Facebook started to use GraphQL in 2012, and the GraphQL specification was open-sourced in 2015. It is supported by most development environments and relied on by the leading tech companies.

Built-in documentation

GraphQL API can be queried not only for data, but also for its underlying data schema. Modern development tools benefit from this feature by auto-generating documentation and validating your code on the fly.

Start building amazing things today

Sign up for your free Payment.Ninja account and open the Developers screen in the Dashboard. There, you will find a built-in GraphQL query editor, connected to your account data. Test your queries with live data and then just copy-paste the code into your app. It's that easy!