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Customer Profile: a way to improve SME cashflow

Being a successful payment platform serving small and medium-sized businesses ultimately lids to becoming an integrated business platform. Today we introduce another part of this vision called Payment.Ninja Customer Profile.
Customer management is at the core of any business, however small one. Tracking client’s purchases over time, looking for up-selling opportunities, chasing unpaid bills, making sure everything is being followed up in a timely manner… you name it. But in a nutshell, it’s all about having that all important customer info at your fingertips, at any time.
Payment.Ninja Customer Profile combines all historical information concerning your business relationship with a particular client, as well as any possible actions, all conveniently packaged together in a clean and simple user experience.
Let’s see what all this means in practice.
Initially, a new profile is created during your first transaction with a particular customer, like online shopping, store visit or a phone order. Alternatively, you can always create a new customer profile manually, like this:
Once a Customer Profile has been created, all subsequent transactions and business activities are being forever recorded for you in the Payment.Ninja database. It’s all automatic and you don’t need to keep any records yourself anymore. Payment.Ninja recognizes your customer by name, email, phone number or credit card details so it never misses anything.
Here how it looks like. Payment.Ninja Dashboard has a dedicated page with all your customer records.


Click on any of them and you will get into the Customer Profile, which looks like this:


Customer profile

From here, you can click on the tabs and rapidly look into purchases history, outstanding invoices, ongoing monthly plans and saved payment methods.


Let’s assume you have a client who has been making occasional purchases from your online store. Now, after your recent email campaign, he decided to join your monthly subscription plan which included a one-time initial fee. Because this customer has been making online purchases before, you already have him in the system and don’t need to set up a new profile manually.
Let’s send him an invoice for the initial setup by clicking ‘Send Invoice’ in the profile.


Now let’s check and see this invoice in fact pending:



Next step is to create a monthly plan for the customer, which we’ll do by clicking ‘Create Subscription’, like so:





Again, let’s click the Subscriptions tab and see it has been created.



Finally, let’s assume the customer has requested us to send him a last-minute accessory during the phone call. All we need to do is to create a one-time manual charge with a virtual terminal, which we’ll do by clicking ‘Manual Charge’ and entering his card details.


After the transaction has been approved, we can click on the Payment Methods tab and see the card has been saved for the future purchases.


We could also save the card manually without any charge by clicking ‘Add Payment Method’. It will be available for all kinds of transactions, including one-time purchases, invoices, subscriptions and more.
There’s so much more we can with the Customer Profile in the future, including powerful analytics and exporting the data to the ‘real’ CRM software. But even now, the data and simple workflows available with Payment.Ninja Customer profile can make the life so much easier for any business owner.
Stay tuned for more and please let us know what you think about Payment.Ninja’s new features.

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