Interchange Plus: Save a ton of money on payment fees

Save Money with Interchange Plus - Payment.Ninja

We discussed Interchange in one of our previous blog posts, and now let’s take this topic further and find out what Interchange Plus pricing mode stands for and how it can save you money compared with the traditional blended or flat payment fees, offered by PayPal, Stripe or Square.

What is Interchange and why should you care

What is Interchange - Payment.Ninja

Interchange has long been a mystery for most business owners. There’s vague talk about its opacity, all-around secrecy and its possible connection with global conspiracy theories. The only sure notion everyone knows for sure is that it’s a bad thing. Let’s try and expose it to the light of truth, shall we?

Invoice Payment Link Helps You Get Paid Fast


Invoicing is hugely important for a lot of small businesses. That’s how they get paid every day. No wonder for the very beginning, our Invoicing feature is one of the most successful innovations on Payment.Ninja platform. Invoicing is no doubt a significant business operation in itself. From the speed of creating a new invoice to […]

Recurring Payments: How to Increase Your Monthly Revenue with Payment.Ninja

Want to make sure you are making the most of your customer base? Well, it’s 2019 and everyone knows the way: that’s to switch your regular sales to the subscription model. Meaning, your customers interact with you just once, and then being charged for your products or services on a weekly or monthly basis. Pretty […]

WooCommerce vs OpenCart Comparison

Home > Blog > WooCommerce vs OpenCart – Which One Wins? [2018] WooCommerce vs OpenCart – Which One Wins? [2018] More and more businesses are making a serious effort to respond to their customer needs and wants. The business world is moving rapidly and businesses are trying to move their goods and services online. The […]

Free card reader, lower fees and more: Payment.Ninja Core plan

In the previous part we discussed Payment.Ninja’s new pricing plans, why they are awesome and what you get with the first ever Free Merchant Account. Now, let talk about the Core plan, which costs just $29 per month and packs quite a punch too. Extra-low fees First of all, you are getting an instantaneous drop […]

Free merchant account and pricing plans

Payment.Ninja Business Dashboard

Introducing a free merchant account Payment.Ninja continues to evolve its platform rapidly, responding to the needs of the growing customer base. It turned out to be much more diverse than we initially expected, expanding across more industries and business models, sometimes catching our initial offering by surprise. As it usually happens, life proves to be […]

Customer Profile: a way to improve SME cashflow

Being a successful payment platform serving small and medium-sized businesses ultimately lids to becoming an integrated business platform. Today we introduce another part of this vision called Payment.Ninja Customer Profile. Customer management is at the core of any business, however small one. Tracking client’s purchases over time, looking for up-selling opportunities, chasing unpaid bills, making […]

Invoice management with Payment.Ninja

Indeed, sending an invoice and get paid on time is one of the most routine and arguably the most important activities many of the small and medium business owners face every day. And while it’s definitely a simple everyday operation, there are still some tricky and time-consuming parts to it. First, you need to produce […]

Payment.Ninja Affiliate Program explained


Payment.Ninja Affiliate Program is one of the most important tools we offer to our business community. Today, every new user on our platform gets his own unique affiliate link which can be used to spread the word about our platform on social media, in blog posts or emails. And when a new business account uses an […]