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Payment.Ninja content team

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Payment.Ninja Affiliate Program explained

Payment.Ninja Affiliate Program is one of the most important tools we offer to our business community. Today, every new user on our platform gets his own unique affiliate link which can be used to spread the word about our platform on social media, in blog posts or emails. And when a new business account uses an affiliate link to join our platform, the link owner starts to make money.

One of the great things about payments business is that every day we find ourselves in the middle of the immense, diverse and industrious small business ecosystem. Millions of people from all corners of the world talk to each other exchanging ideas, working out solutions, making deals and ultimately helping one another to build their own small part of the world’s economy while providing for their families and communities. Each day we can feel an almost physical sensation of energy and ambition which in turn empowers us to be better in what we do and punch far above our weight.

Our mission at Payment.Ninja is to become the best financial platform for small and medium business owners where they can access the latest in payment and financial technology at the fraction of the usual cost. And the ultimate way to achieve this goal is to tap into the power of the small business community and to build our platform not for them, but rather with them. To offer thousands and millions of business owners to become our partners, co-workers, and advocates.

What kind of money an Affiliate makes?

How much can you earn with Payment.Ninja Affiliate Program? Well, you probably won’t buy a Miami mansion with that money, but you can build a nice portfolio with a steady passive income contributing to your family budget. For every transaction made by the accounts brought via your affiliate link, you are getting 50% of any payment fees that we make. The best part? There’s no upper limit to how much you can generate this way and you are getting paid for the lifetime of the account!

Consider this example. If you are a modestly popular blogger writing about small business for a US-based auditory with a following of 1,000 business owners, you probably will be able to generate about 100 new accounts per month, which translates to 1200 a year. Let’s say those accounts will have a very modest sales volume of $5,000 per month on average. Making rather simplistic calculations, this translates into $10,000 a year of passive income, forever. You get the idea.

How to become an Affiliate?

So, how to become a partner? Just sign up for a free account on Payment.Ninja website and you will immediately get your affiliate link at the dashboard and by email. There’s no need to have an active merchant account of your own, no there’s a requirement to live in the US. In fact, if you are a web designer serving the US small businesses out of India, you are going to be in a great position to generate additional income by becoming a Payment.Ninja Affiliate.

What the catch here? Well, there’s none, except that you need to play fair and ethically, and not to use spammy emails or messages to promote your affiliate link. Otherwise, only your creativity is the limit for potential earnings.

As we build and expand the Payment.Ninja platform, more opportunities will open up for partnership with the small business community and the millions of people taking part in the ecosystem every day. Talk to us if you have any ideas on how to make it better or if you see more ways to partner with us. This is the way how we can make the next generation of financial services to benefit all small business owners out there and it won’t be possible without your energy and support.

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