We are Payment.Ninja!

Payment fees are a hidden tax on the economy, which costs businesses 25-30% on average. It inhibits business growth, consumer spending and slows down the economy. Imagine, what would happen if every business, big and small, could keep those payment fees!

At Payment.Ninja, we believe the change is imminent. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge payment services at a fraction of cost or free. You can keep the extra cash for yourself or you can pass it on to your customers via lower prices and better quality.

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Meet the team

Andrey Morozov, CEO Payment.Ninja

Andrey Morozov, CEO

Andrey Morozov is experienced tech leader focused on the FinTech industry. Over the recent decade, he has built and sold two international payment companies before founding Payment.Ninja in 2015. Andrey is a regular speaker at the industry events and an active participant of the FinTech startup ecosystem.

Serge Gusev, CTO Payment.Ninja

Serge Gusev, CTO

Serge Gusev has a more than 20 years of software engineering and architecture experience, with over a half of that time working in payments companies. Serge combines cutting-edge technical skills with the deep knowledge of payment business which makes him an ideal CTO for Payment.Ninja.

Payment.Ninja team at GDC 2016 in San Francisco

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