Save BIG on payment fees!

Accept credit cards online
from just 1.79% plus 19¢

Payment.Ninja is the next generation, ethical payment platform which helps small businesses around the world to sell more, spend less on payment fees and drive the global economy.

Ultra-low cost

Stop wasting money on payment fees. Save, reinvest or lower your prices, it's your choice!


Our technology complies with all the latest cyber-security standards and industry-wide PCI DSS regulations.


Use our smart dashboard to manage your business and sell more!


We are your friends and trusted partners. We never take advantage of you for profit.

Why pay more?

1.79% plus 19¢

2.9% plus 30¢

2.9% plus 30¢


Modern payment experience

Simple payment form with high conversion rate built right into your website, mobile site or app. Same great experience everywhere!

Convenient business dashboard

Business is at your fingertips with Payment.Ninja Dashboard. Look for trends, dive into transaction details or launch a promotion, in seconds.

Customer reviews

What PayPal took from my little business in fees this month is galling. Payment Ninja can not come soon enough to small businesses.
Trevor Lilley
Trevor Lilly
Shire Archery
It's very refreshing to see a payment company not trying to extort more and more fees from whatever income we are generating today
Mila Unisuk
Excellent project, excellent work and I am very pleased with our cooperation as well!

Dimitrios Giannopulos

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you offer such a rates?

There’s no magic, ok may be a little bit. We just breaking the mold on the legacy payment industry which was living  very comfortably out of extortionate fees for many years. We just not as greedy.


How are you different from PayPal or Stripe?

Except of the fees, you probably won’t see any practical difference during your daily operations. Oh, may just one thing, we actually care about out customers and do respond quickly to you messages.

Is there any hidden fees involved? What's the catch?

There’s no catch, honestly. You’ll get charged exactly the fees which will be stated in your Merchant Agreement. It may vary based on the type of your business and customers, but in any case will be the cheapest you can possibly get anywhere.

How do you make your money?

Our rates still involve a healthy level of profit margins to sustain our operations. We also offer our merchants a range of add-value services like fraud protection or banking. 

Can any business use Payment.Ninja?

We accept all merchants who do legal and ethical business and have a registered business entity in the US or other countries of coverage. Of course subject to approval by our processor.

With such low fees, is my money still safe?

We don’t really touch your money anyway. It’s being handled by our partner-bank and it paid directly to your bank account.