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Payment Link

Create a payment link in seconds and send it via email or a text message.

Smart Invoicing

Create and send an invoice in just a few clicks and get paid faster.

Recurring Payments

Improve your cashflow with automatic recurring payments.

Get paid fast and improve your cashflow

Create invoices, set up automatic recurring payments and subscriptions or send payment links. Everything you need to get paid fast and on time.

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Mobile-first Payment Experience

Most people read their email on mobile these days. That's why our payment tools are optimized for mobile.

Real-time Dashboard

Everything at your fingertips with Payment.Ninja Business Dashboard. Sales, transactions, invoices, and customers are all in front of you, easy to grasp, and updated real-time.

GraphQL API for Developers

Build payment apps and checkout experiences in hours, not weeks. Access your live payments data using GraphQL API Explorer.

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Interchange Plus: Save a ton of money on payment fees

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We discussed Interchange in one of our previous blog posts, and now let's take this topic further and find out what Interchange Plus pricing mode stands for and how it can save you money compared with the traditional blended or flat payment fees, offered by PayPal, Stripe or Square.

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