Save Money on Payment Processing Fees with Interchange Plus pricing

Save Money on Payment Processing Fees with Interchange Plus pricing

Save up to 50% on credit and debit card payment processing fees compared to PayPal, Stripe or Square.

Payment Processing

Process payments online, in-store and on mobile at the super-low rates.

Smart Invoicing

Create and send an invoice in just a few clicks and get paid faster.

Recurring Payments

Improve your cashflow with automatic recurring payments.

Great merchant account, and a full 50% cheaper than others

Payment.Ninja brings you the latest in the payment processing technology, without eating into your profits. Switch you merchant account to Payment.Ninja today and start saving right away with our innovative Interchange Plus pricing!

Why Payment.Ninja?

Mobile-first Payment Experience

Simple payment form with high conversion rate built right into your website, mobile site or app. Same great experience everywhere!

Real-time Dashboard

Everything at your fingertips with Payment.Ninja Business Dashboard. Sales, transactions, invoices, and customers are all in front of you, easy to grasp, and updated in realtime.

GraphQL API for Developers

Buid payment apps and checkout experiences in hours, not weeks. Access your live payments data using GraphQL API Explorer.

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Learn about merchant payment processing

How to choose a merchant account and a payment processor, what are Interchage Plus rates, and more.

How to get started with Payment.Ninja WooCommerce plugin

Install Payment.Ninja's free WooCommerce plugin and start make your WooCommerce store more profiatble instatly

Interchange Plus: Save a ton of money on payment fees

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We discussed Interchange in one of our previous blog posts, and now let's take this topic further and find out what Interchange Plus pricing mode stands for and how it can save you money compared with the traditional blended or flat payment fees, offered by PayPal, Stripe or Square.

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